• Bachelor thesis supervision on the topic "Capital Requirements and Bank Profitability", 16 students, 2018-2021

  • Bachelor thesis supervision on various finance topics, 8 students, 2018

I have taught guest lectures on monetary unification in the following courses:

  • Research Seminar in Monetary Policy and Banking (Master course at the University of Amsterdam, 2019)

  • Institutions and Financial Structure (PhD course at the Tinbergen Institute, 2019)

I have taught tutorials in the following courses:

  • Banking (Tinbergen Institute, 2019-2021)

      • PhD-level course on banking theory.

  • Financial Regulation (University of Amsterdam, 2019-2021)

      • This course is offered to students from the MSc Economics and the MSc Finance. It covers financial regulation and its economic foundations.

  • Financial Regulation of Banks and Shadow Banks (University of Amsterdam, 2019)

      • This course is offered in the Master of Law and Finance and covers the economic foundations for the international financial regulation standards and their implementation in EU law.

  • Corporate Finance Theory (Tinbergen Institute, 2018)